Heirloom Tomatoes 2


Green Grape
A selection made from Thomas Wagner’s Thompson Seedless Grape. Unique olive yellow 1" cherry tomatoes. Addictive spicy sweet flavor.
Kellogg's Breakfast
West Virginia heirloom obtained from Darrell Kellogg of Redford, Michigan. Large orange beefsteak fruits weigh 1-2 pounds. Delicious rich flavor with a good acid/sugar balance.

Hillbilly Potato Leaf
From Ohio Seed Savers Exchange member Jerry Lee Bosner. Absolutely gorgeous bicolor beefsteak tomato, great for slicing. Beautiful yellow one pound fruits are streaked with red on the blossom end. Sweet and juicy.

Velvet Red
Winner of the 2011 Tomato Tasting at Seed Savers Exchange’s Heritage Farm. From Joe Bratka of Elmwood, New Jersey. Striking silvery gray dusty miller-type foliage. Heavy yields of 1" cherry tomatoes, excellent sweet flavor.

Japanese Black Trifele
One of the best Russian black tomatoes. High yields of blemish-free fruits that rarely crack. Rich full flavor, great for canning. The size of a Bartlett pear, weighing 4-5 ounces.
 Lemon Drop
Winner of Seed Savers  Exchange’s 2010 Tomato Tasting. Seed originally from Florida member J. T. Sessions, who found this sport growing with his Snow White Cherry plants. Heavy sets of ½-¾" translucent yellow-green cherry tomatoes. Refreshing tart-sweet flavor.