Heirloom Tomatoes

Aunt Ruby's
Family heirloom from Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, Tennessee. Introduced to Seed Savers Exchange in 1993 by Bill Minkey of Darien, Wisconsin. Large beefsteak fruits weigh one pound or more. Sweet juicy flesh with a hint of spiciness.

Black Sea Man
Russian heirloom from Marina Danilenko. Small plants produce medium-sized brownish-pink fruits with olive green shading. Well marbled flesh is attractive when blanched and peeled. Rich flavor.
Austin's Red Pear
Introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by Dale Austin of Washington. A real standout among red pears due to its superior flavor. Large 2" red tomatoes with elongated neck.

The original Brandywine introduced by Johnson and Stokes in 1889. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Large vines produce deep red 8-12 ounce fruits. Excellent flavor.

Black from Tula
Russian heirloom imported by Seed Savers Exchange in 1996. Described as “the ugliest, most delicious tomato I’ve ever grown.” Good yields of brownish-red slightly flattened globes weighing up to 14 ounces. Rich full flavor, great for slicing and canning.

Brown Berry
The first brownish-red cherry tomato available to gardeners. A great color addition to salads. Excellent sweet juicy flavor.

Black Krim
Found in Krim, Russia in 1990 by Lars Olov Rosenstrom of Bromma, Sweden. Beefsteak fruits are a unique combination of violet-brown and purple-red—they turn almost black with sufficient sunlight and heat. Excellent full flavor.

Dr. Wyches Yellow
Given to Seed Savers Exchange by the late Dr. John Wyche, Heavy yields of one pound golden-yellow tomatoes. Meaty flesh and rich flavor.

Black Plum
Russian heirloom from seedswoman Marina Danilenko. Oval 2" fruits are deep mahogany with garnet red flesh. Preferred by some for a richly colored spaghetti sauce.
Gold Medal
Introduced as Ruby Gold by John Lewis Childs of Floral Park, New York, in his 1921 catalog. Ben Quisenberry renamed it Gold Medal and listed it in his 1976 catalog: “The sweetest tomato you ever tasted. The yellow with streaks of red makes them very attractive and a gourmet’s joy when sliced.”

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